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September 2013 RazorTek became a Silver Business Partner Network for ESRI. This will allow RazorTek to promote and sell ESRI products to current and potential clients.

If there a need for GIS services from creating planimetrics, heads up digitizing from paper or digital data, registering or reproject data sets and converting data sets from CAD formats please contact RazorTek for prices. Our prices is very affordable.

RazorTek has provided onsite certified and Specialize ESRI software training to Department of Energy (DOE) USACE District offices, National Weather Services and Air Force for the past 15 years.

RazorTek is reseller for the following ESRI software and data products:

  1. ArcGIS 10.X Desktop Basic (Arcview) Single Use and Concurrent Use

  2. ArcGIS Extensions Single Use and Concurrent Use

  3. StreetMap Premium and Esri datasets

Please mention you visited RazorTek website for special pricing on ESRI software and products.

ESRI Warranty and Return Policies

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee on any software order.  Media and other tangible shipments aren’t refundable

Please contact the Germantown office 901-922-5448 or email

for instructions to receive a refund on any software orders. 


For additional questions, Contact Us

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